Supporting Continuing Education? Use Campus Solutions!

CY2’s Continuing Education module seamlessly combines traditional and continuing education in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

We know what you’re thinking. Campus Solutions is a great SIS for traditional types of post-secondary education, but how can I make it work for continuing ed programs?

Most continuing education programs don’t require a student to have a program or plan. A lengthy application and admissions process isn’t usually necessary and depending on the course content, grading and certification may not be either. Maybe the content is only available digitally and on an on-demand basis, not in a physical classroom. If you know anything about PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, you may be thinking to yourself, “it’s not possible.”

Well, it is possible.

Join Ernst La Haye in this recording from the 2022 Education Innovation Sessions as he explains how exactly CY2 has bridged the gap between Campus Solutions and seamless Continuing Education management.

Getting started with Continuing Education

To learn more about CY2’s Continuing Education module, you can download the following brochure.

You can also contact us at to schedule a live demo of the functionality, or to discuss the tech specs in more detail.

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