Simplify the Admissions Process

Make it easy for students and staff

Application Form Thinner Tablet

Who likes filling out or tracking college applications? No one.

Why? The process is often cumbersome and hard to decipher. No more. CY2 Fluid Application Forms empowers students and college staff to focus on evaluating each application and avoid being weighed down by the other often cumbersome parts of the process.

Students Gain Control

  • Installation and setup components, so they begin applying immediately  
  • Application form landing page, so they know where their work is and its status
  • They control creating, modifying, deleting, and viewing their application 

Staff Increases Productivity

  • Automate the process: intelligent solution streamlines data input
  • Intuitive user interface supports a wide range of end devices
  • Self-service features offload repetitive steps
  • Gain easy access to student information for follow ups
  • Improve customer services by having pertinent information available at staff’s fingertips

Schools Become More Responsive

  • Speed up the application and onboarding processes
  • Generate a higher number of applications
  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce administrative expenses
  • Fewer abandonments
  • Higher quality applicants and students

Admissions Management Demo